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welcome! before you proceed, theres a couple things you should know.

this site contains a lot of human teeth imagery. if you dont want to see that, this is not the site for you.

this site does not fully work on mobile yet, sorry! i am working on it. some pages (such as comm info & art gallery) do work, so if you've been linked to one of those pages you will be fine.

ive only tested on firefox, but it should work for all browsers except IE. this site requires javascript to function, and uses cookies to make the site epilepsy/eyestrain accessible. when you are ready to continue on to the site please select your preference below, which will be stored in the cookie. you may change this later!


welcome to my website! here you will find my art projects, graphics hoard, and misellaneous personal interests dump.

my name is bug! unlike a lot of other sites it seems, i dont really have an "aesthetic", so forgive the lack of commitment to any one theme. i just use whatever i personally find cool in the moment. i hope you still choose to stick around and explore

you can navigate via the bar on the right, the tabs at the top of this bulletin board, and the many knicknacks found across each page :) if thats too confusing, has links to everything laid out in an orderly fashion.

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warning symbol this symbol indicates a WORK IN PROGRESS! oftentimes this means "nonexistent", i add things here based on my ideas for pages. click at your own risk.


  • art gallery: a sorted display of my digital art
  • commissions: info and examples of my art commission work
  • the library: a readable directory of my comics and zines
  • warning symbolwildebrook: intro and info about the people who live in the fictional town of wildebrook



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